01. The jaguar of all has killed 02. Hydrochloric blaze red 03. The prayer isn\’t necessary a candle 04. BloodySperm 05. Hydrochloric column 06. Jesus has gone too far (feat Daniyl of EOD) 07. Hate Will Come Through 08. Fuck in beneath the massacre, this sucks! 09. Beneath the massacre is fucking shit 10. Sonata […]

1. Intro2. Пузырь3. Человечешка4. Village Balyatino5. Пакет6. Сіль7. Грайндкор санкции8. Снежный бомбардир9. Жирный Джон (Coda)10. Помидор (№2)11. На массе12. Outrotion

01. Intro02. The formality of life03. Slaves of machinery04. Pack-running of morons05. Parasites06. H.U.M.A.N production07. Money is your god08. Pacific trash vortex09. Trick or treat10. The theory of a blinded11. Burning planet12. Puppet regimes of the small world13. Principe of majority14. Shortcoming material state15. Was it the only way

01. Zombie Punks Smoking For Protest02. Ganja Power Of Ganja Grind03. Sickening Power — Money Received04. Don\’t Go In McShit05. Gay Parade06. Seduced By Heroin07. Empty Stomach — Need To Eat08. Amphetamine Energizer09. Faggots, Maggots10. Bullshit TV Shows11. Carnage For Garbage (Bum\’s Massacre)12. Go Freegan!13. I\’am A Bum14. If You\’re Melodic Shit\’s Listener, Don\’t Listen […]

01. H5N1! (01:38)02. Alcho\’s Gay! (01:07)03. A Happy Killer\’ Song (02:32)04. Eurovision Sump (02:37)05. Mi-Mi (01:54)06. Gang Brigade — Gay Parade (02:15)07. The Underskin (Maggots Underground) (01:46)08. Killing Sibulbity (04:46)09. Dumbfucked Humanoids Extermination (01:18)10. Face The Cattle Nation (01:18)11. Ambulance Bulldozzer (02:41)12. Maniakind Devouring Groove (01:39)13. Tribute (01:30)14. Tired To Die (01:20)15. Wako (01:53)16. Evklitor […]

01 Guts Guts Guts02 In Conspiracy with Shit03 Your Guts is a Real Cutie04 A Bit of Shit05 Anus Fungus06 The album is recorded with 150 bucks guitar, with no combo amplifier and instrumental mics, and this song is worst on it07 Coprogrind Collapse08 Goat Gut God09 Sehr Gut10 I Wish Shit Were Here11 Rolling […]

01. Pathopsychology (The Chronicle of Pathomedicine) (01:04)02. Morgue — Anatomical Theatre / Dismemberment of Mortinatus (01:49)03. Aposepsy (02:24)04. Malignant Tumor Ablation / Dirty Blood Scalpel… (01:37)05. Decompression Craniotrypesis (00:57)06. Autopsy (02:23)07. Septicopyemia / Phagedenic Abscess (01:32)08. Cranioclast (01:30)09. Putrefaction (00:07)10. Department of Morbid Anatomy / Forensic Medical Examination (02:06)11. Lancing of Carbuncle, Surgical D-Bridement (02:16)12. […]