1. The Savior2. Prey3. Body Power4. Last dawn5. NoisezioИ6. Dying Streets7. Mechanical Dreams8. Gut\’em All Tenno!9. No Good (Prodigy Cover)10. Pop-Track11. Endless Road12. In The Country Of Condemned13. The End Of All

1. Eins Zwei Polizei (Mo-Do) (3:49)2. Moscow Never Sleeps (DJ Smash) (3:56)3. Set The World On Fire (E-Type) (3:32)4. Max Don\’t Have Sex With Your Ex (E-Rotic) (3:39)5. No Limit (2 Unlimited) (4:03)6. Doctor Jones (Aqua) (3:13)7. Narcotic/Live At Electrogorsk (Liquido/U96) (1:33)